This site is meant to allow you to track your ink collection and to simplify sharing this data with others. It also aims to help you trade ink samples with other users.


On the account page you can change your name (or leave it blank) and your email address. You can also find the URL to your public profile on that page. To change your profile picture you need to change the data for your email address on

Adding an ink

Once you've created an account you can go to theinks page and add your inks. There are three fields you can fill in. Brand is the ink brand (like Pelikan or Diamine), Line is a specific ink like (like Edelstein from Pelikan or Iroshizuku from Pilot) and Name is the name of the actual ink. Brand and Name need to be filled in, but you can leave Line blank if you want. To create an entry you then also select the type of container your ink is in. Right now you can select bottle, cartridge, swab, or ink sample.

Sharing with others

By default all the entries in your ink collection are public. By clicking on the (lock) sign next to each entry you can make each entry private (or show it again).

Once you've made some of your inks public others can see them on your public page. If they're logged in as well they can also compare their ink collection with yours (obviously only with your public ones). They can see a list of inks they own that you don't (which would be the inks they could send you samples of) and a list of inks you own that they don't (those would be the inks you might want to ask the other user about).


You can export your whole ink collection as a CSV file at any point.