Wearingeul Song of Reed


NameSong of Reed
Owner count30
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Wearingeul: high-concept inks from Korea
Inks may have become an overwhelming torrent in 2021, but Wearingeul are proving that if you do something really, really well, there’s still room to stand out and delight. This Korean brand has com…
Ink Exploration- Wearingeul- The Song of Reed
www.youtube.com | The Dormouse’s Desk
Today we're looking at a lovely wheat colored ink- Wearingeul The Song of Reed. This is part of their Color of Literature series. I found the ink to be delightful. No shimmer or sheen, but lots of ...

Names for this ink

17WearingeulSong of Reed
2WearingeulKim So Wol Literature CollectionSong of Reed
2WearingeulKim Sowol LiteratureSong of Reed
1WearingeulKim So Will - LiteratureThe Song of Reed
1WearingeulKim So WolThe Song of Reed
1WearingeulKim So Wol LiteratureSong of Reed
1WearingeulKim So Wol Literature InkSong of Reed
1WearingeulKim Sowol SeriesThe Song of Reed
1WearingeulKim So-wol (The Color of Literature)The Song of the Reed (Autumn)
1WearingeulSeasonsSong of the Reed
1WearingeulThe Song of Reed
1WearingeulColor of Literature: Kim So WolThe Song of Reed