Vinta Inks Sikatuna/Sandugo 1565


BrandVinta Inks
NameSikatuna/Sandugo 1565
Owner count126
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Ink Review #840: Vinta Sikatuna Sandugo 1565 — Mountain of Ink | Kelli McCown
This week it’s time to tackle some of the Vinta Series 1 inks, starting with Vinta Sikatuna Sandugo 1565. According to Vinta’s website , “In 1565, Datu Sikatuna and the Spanish Miguel López de Le...
#30inks30days- November 2- Vinta- Sandugo | The Dormouse’s Desk
Day 2 of the #30inks30days challenge brings us a super sheening ink- Vinta Sandugo. This may also be our first Vinta pick yet! If you plan on using this in a pen, take precautions. Due to the she...
Ink Review #676 Vinta Inks Sikatuna Sandugo 1565 — Fountain Pen Pharmacist | fountainpenpharmacist
Today we will be reviewing Vinta Inks Sikatuna Sandungo 1565. This is a deep red ink inspired by a blood contract, a “Sandugo”, formed between Datu Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in 1565. ...
Vinta Inks Sikatuna | Miss Marilyn Darling
#30inks30days Fountain pens ink and more Manda B The Dormouse’s Desk

Names for this ink

93Vinta InksSikatuna/Sandugo 1565
7Vinta InksSikatuna [Sandugo 1565]
5Vinta InksSikatuna Sandugo 1565
5Vinta InksSandugo
3VintaSikatuna/Sandugo 1565
2Vinta InksOriginalSikatuna/Sandugo 1565
2Vinta InksOriginal CollectionSikatuna [Sandugo 1565]
1Vinta InksSheeningSandugo
1VintaSikatuna [Sandugo 1565]
1Vinta InksSikatuna
1Vinta InksSinkatuna
1vintaSikatuna/Sandugo 1565