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Ink Review #83.5: Sailor Manyo Haha — Fountain Pen Pharmacist | fountainpen_pharmd
Tonight I’m posting a quick review of a fan-favorite ink! The Sailor Manyo line is inspired by flowers in a collection of ancient Japanese poems called “Manyoshu”. Haha translates to “Glacier Blue”...
Ink Review #1010: Sailor Manyo Haha — Mountain of Ink | Kelli McCown
When I saw a promo picture of the new Sailor Manyo inks online I immediately knew I had to order a few of them but Haha stuck out to me the most. I immediately pre-ordered it from Pen Chalet . T...
Sailor Manyo Haha and Fountain Pens | gadgetstop321
In this video I'm testing Sailor Haha in a variety of nibs ranging from fine to a 1.5 stub.
Ink Overview: Sailor Manyo Series I Part 1 (Akebi, Haha, Kikyou and Kuzu) — Macchiato Man | Yagan Kiely (Macchiato Man)
Sailor’s Manyo Series is a two-set series of inks available to the international market, not the Japanese market (there’s enough there already)! The series is based off Man'yōshū , or “Collection ...
Ha Ha Fountain Pen Ink Review | Inky Rocks
Sailor has an "outside of Japan" exclusive ink line called "Manyo". It is not supposed to be for sale here in Japan. I was able to get a bottle of "Ha Ha" ...
Sailor Manyo HaHa | Mike Matteson
Audrey got this sample from a penpal, and I didn't really want to try it. It's an ink that gets a lot of attention, but I thought it would be pale and hard t...
30inks30days - April 2020 - Day 28 | Sailor Manyo Haha | Manda B
Today's Ink: Sailor Manyo Haha - sample courtesy of Inkjournal Inkflight Today’s Pens: Sailor 1911 Standard Fresca (zoom) Notebook: Maruman Mnemosyne 185, courtesy of my friend over at Creepy Nib...
#30inks30days -November 20- Sailor Manyo Haha | The Dormouse’s Desk
I can't believe we're already 2/3rds of the way through this month! How crazy is it to have 3 dual shading inks come back to back. I'm going to buy a lottery ticket if tomorrow's ink is something L...
SAILOR MANYO HAHA | Miss Marilyn Darling
0:58 the monthly set up process 29:00 the ink review 55:01 the results 1:09:56 finishing up the set up for the month THANKS FOR WATCHING PLEASE DONT FORGET TO LIKE , COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, RING T...
Review: Sailor Manyo Haha
Third in the series of Izumi Pens ink reviews is Sailor Manyo Haha, a lovely shade of pale blue. My go-to pen for ink reviews is a TWSBI Eco, so I filled one from the vial of ink and tested it in m...
Ink Review: Sailor Manyo Haha fountain pen ink — Inky Inspirations | Rick Knorr
An ink review of Sailor Manyo Haha fountain pen ink, a beautiful multicolored shading ink with a blue base and strong violet and pink elements.
Swatch with Yoseka: Sailor Manyo Haha | Yoseka Stationery
Swatch with me Sailor Manyo Haha. In this video, we are using the Kakimori Brass Nib and the MD cream paper pad.

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