Platinum Classic Lavender Black


NameLavender Black
Owner count191
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Ink Review #96: Platinum Lavender Black — Mountain of Ink | Kelli McCown
Review of Platinum Lavender Black.
Ink Review #4: Platinum Classic Lavender Black — Fountain Pen Pharmacist | pharmd10
Today I'll be reviewing Platinum's iron gall ink: Classic Lavender Black. This is a beautiful ink which goes on bright red, then dries to a dark maroon. I totally didn't realize that it WAS an iron...
Ink Review: Platinum Classic Lavender Black
Review by Laura Cameron Up until a few weeks ago, I only owned one bottle of ink.  I have been ordering samples of everything; every time I place an order for anything I throw in a few more ink sam…
Platinum Classic Lavender Black | Liz McGuire
Review of Platinum Classic Lavender Black fountain pen ink using a Pilot Penmanship EF nib. Screenshot: Scan of Complete...
Platinum Classic Lavender Black Iron Gall ink writing sample | The Pen Outpost
A quick writing sample displaying Lavender Black and its color shifting property. Available on ebay at the.pen.outpost
Platinum Lavender Black - Ink Profile - Chris' Choice Series | Chris Saenz
In this video I profile Platinum Lavender Black - a beautiful ink that I was inspired to sample when I saw it during the 30 inks 30 days challenge in September 2018. I talk about the next 2 vide...
Pen Friend Appreciation Month: June 29 | 30inks30days | Platinum Classic Lavender Black | Manda B
Welcome to day 29 of #30inks30days / #penfriendappreciationmonth! Thanks to lovely, wonderful, generous people who have shared their inks with me, I am celebrating this #30inks30days challenge by u...

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99PlatinumClassicLavender Black
68PlatinumLavender Black
7PlatinumIron GallLavender Black
5PlatinumClassic InkLavender Black
2Platinum classicLavender Black
2PlatinumLavander Black
1PlatinumClassicsLavender Black
1PLATIMUMClassic 86Lavender Black
1SailorLavender Black
1platinumclassicLavender Black
1PlatinumClassic Lavender Black
1PlatinumLavendar Black
1PlatinumClassic inkLavender Black
1PlatinumClassic InkLavender black