Diamine Aurora Borealis

Teal colour. Available in 30ml and 80ml bottles. Voted on as the r/fountainpen Reddit ink of 2019.


NameAurora Borealis
Owner count932
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Ink Review #775: Diamine Aurora Borealis — Mountain of Ink
mountainofink.com | Kelli McCown
Ink review of Diamine Aurora Borealis.
Ink Review: Diamine Aurora Borealis
Review by Laura Cameron When I was at the Chicago Pen Show, the color we couldn’t keep in stock was Diamine’s Aurora Borealis (30mL, $7.50). So the last time I loaded up my cart at JetP…
Aurora Borealis, by Diamine
If there would be a price for the ink with the most beautiful, intriguing name, this ink would definitely be nominated. Aurora Borealis...
Diamine - Aurora Borealis
An aurora is sometimes known as Polar lights, they are natural light displays best seen in high-latitude regions hence around the Arctic and Antarctic.  Aurora Borealis for which this ink is named...
Diamine Aurora Borealis writing sample
www.youtube.com | The Pen Outpost
A quick writing sample displaying Diamine Aurora Borealis fountain pen ink. Bottles and samples are available on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/str/thepenoutpost And also on our website: https://www....
Diamine - Aurora Borealis - Ink Profile - Singles' Club
www.youtube.com | Chris Saenz
In this video - we take a really close look at the beautiful Diamine - Aurora Borealis - a very nice Teal ink!!! Thank you to pen friend M.K. for sending the sample! I discovered when researchi...
Jinhao 995 "Swan" / Diamine Aurora Borealis / Fountain Pen Review
www.youtube.com | What I Ink
Review of the Jinhao 995 "Swan" fountain pen and Diamine Aurora Borealis ink. What I Ink, Episode 74 Original Music by Dan Light: http://danlightmusic.com
Diamine Aurora Borealis
www.youtube.com | An Ink Guy
Diamine Aurora Borealise is a Turquoise fountain pen ink. Here on the channel there is a new ink review posted weekly. I get inks test them and share the results with you, so you know before you ...
Diamine Aurora Borealis
www.youtube.com | Miss Marilyn Darling
Fountain pen calligraphy 101 https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLswZwFprSPQnmGUVUoKdtCsRxZDDjFwVg The Basic Strokes https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mi-IivkXoSm5eATaiVGz6jOTnypqBkpt/view?usp=shar...
#30ink30days Day 16 Diamine Aurora Borealis June 2021
www.youtube.com | Crafting Vicky
Today's ink is in the color line that I just ADORE and it's the beautiful Aurora Borealis from Diamine. I"m pairing it with my Kaweco Sport Brass. My amazon list of favorites: https://goo.gl/g...
Ink Review: Diamine Aurora Borealis fountain pen ink — Inky Inspirations
www.inkyinspirations.com | Rick Knorr
An ink review of Diamine Aurora Borealis fountain pen ink. Aurora Borealis was originally created and released in 2019 for Reddit’s r/fountainpen community.
Diamine Aurora Borealis Ink Review & Giveaway - Pen Chalet
Read the full Diamine Aurora Borealis Ink Review for all the details you need before buying your next fountain pen ink at PenChalet.com.

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2DiamineReddit 2019Aurora Borealis
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