Diamine Ancient Copper

Dark red-brown copper colour. Available in 30ml and 80ml bottles. Also available in cartridges.


NameAncient Copper
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Ink Review #143: Diamine Ancient Copper — Mountain of Ink
mountainofink.com | Kelli McCown
Ink review of Diamine Ancient Copper.
review: diamine ancient copper
Diamine "Ancient Copper" (brown): Ink Review - Scrively - note taking & writing
Diamine Ancient Copper is a solid brown ink with some interesting hints of red.
Ink Review #31: Diamine Ancient Copper — Fountain Pen Pharmacist
fountainpenpharmacist.com | pharmd10
Today I am reviewing an ink from Diamine. This is a warm coffee-brown with high shading. Swabs:
Diamine Ancient Copper
This is one of my favorite inks. It came in a Goulet Ink Drop, and I have used the entire sample. It's been in my Rotring 600 continuously, ...
Ink Review: Diamine Ancient Copper
www.youtube.com | VittaR
Here I review an ink by Diamine, this time their offering by the title of "Ancient Copper". Here-in may be found my own thoughts and opinions on the matter, ...
inchiostro Diamine Ancient Copper recensione - ink test review
www.youtube.com | Marco Chiari
inchiostro Diamine Ancient Copper recensione - ink test review Stilograficart presenta i modelli più conosciuti di penne stilografiche ,carte e inchiostri, pennini in oro e flessibili. Prove com...
Diamine Ancient Copper | More Addicting Than a Copper Dragon in a Dungeon Run
www.youtube.com | The Inked Well
#Diamine #AncientCopper #FountainPenInkI think if Ancient Copper were in Dungeons and Dragons, it would be a chonky beast with tons of respect. So join me th...
Diamine Ancient Copper
www.youtube.com | Mike Matteson
Water test of this great ink.
Ink Re-Review: Diamine's "Ancient Copper" Ink
www.youtube.com | VittaR
Here I re-review an ink by Diamine, by the title of "Ancient Copper" (a rich genuinely Copper colored ink, with fantastic shading, longer dry-times, and slig...
Diamine Ancient Copper
www.youtube.com | An Ink Guy
Here I review Diamine Ancient Copper. It is a Brown ink. I compare it to 365 other inks tested on its viscosity and dry time, results are shown on a bell cur...
What I Ink, Episode 11: Hero 9315 / Diamine Ancient Copper
www.youtube.com | What I Ink
Review of the Hero 9315 fountain pen and Diamine Ancient Copper ink.
#30days30inks Diamine Ancient Copper Day 25 June 2021
www.youtube.com | Crafting Vicky
Today I'm playing with a very yummy Diamine ink Ancient copper. I have paired it with my Kaweco Classic sport orangina which is a special edition from Spain. So bright and cheerful. My amazon li...
Inkcyclopedia Diamine Ancient Copper
www.youtube.com | sbrebrown
Let's look at Diamine Ancient Copper. Please note that this series of videos was recorded years ago, so the video and audio quality reflect that. Check out my website: http://www.sbrebrown.com Supp...
Diamine Ancient Copper Fountain Pen Ink Review
www.youtube.com | Mick L
My focus for August 2022 is reviewing inks from the English ink company Diamine. Today I look at Diamine Ancient Copper. Thank you for watching and supporting this channel. My Blog: http://www.mi...
Diamine Ancient Copper
www.youtube.com | Extra Fine Nib Ink Reviews
Review of Diamine Ancient Copper fountain pen ink using a Pilot Penmanship EF nib. Chapters: 00:00 Swatch color comparison 00:06 Zoom (microscope) photo 00:12 Microscope smear 00:27 Line Width 00:...
Ink Review: Diamine Ancient Copper fountain pen ink — Inky Inspirations
www.inkyinspirations.com | Rick Knorr
An ink review of Diamine Ancient Copper fountain pen ink. This ink is a true superstar.
Diamine Ancient Copper: Fountain Pen Ink Review - The Goulet Pen Company
Diamine Ancient Copper is a gorgeous copper colored fountain pen ink with heavy shading ink that has a decent dry time and a lot of personality. Read more here!

Names for this ink

1238DiamineAncient Copper
5DiamineClassicAncient Copper
4DiamineStandardAncient Copper
3DiamineAncient copper
3diamineAncient Copper
3DiamineCult PensAncient Copper
3DiamineDiamineAncient Copper
3DiamineAntique Copper
1DiamineBest brownsAncient Copper
1DiamineCoreAncient Copper
1DiamineCult Pens 16th birthdayAncient Copper
1DiamineFountain Pen InksAncient Copper
1DiamineGuitar InkAncient Copper
1DiamineSovereign ink setAncient Copper
1DiamineStandard Fountain Pen InkAncient Copper
1DamineAncient Copper
1DIAMINEAncient Copper
1DiamineAncient Cooper
1Diamineancient copper
1DiamineAncient Copper (30ml)
1Diamine16th Birthday SeriesAncient Copper
1Diamine30 mlAncient Copper
1Diamine30ml Glass (old)Ancient Copper
1Diamine30ml (small)Ancient Copper