Yagan Kiely (Macchiato Man)

I am Yagan Kiely and I write http://macchiatoman.com/


I’m a Master’s student (in Music Composition) and Academic Staff at a music conservatorium with an LLB living in Fremantle, Western Australia. I co-run the Fountain Pens Australia Facebook Group and the Sailor Pens & Ink Facebook Group. I started with Macchiato Man to share my collection of inks, pens, and thoughts with everyone with the hope of contributing to the Fountain Pen landscape.

I also have 85 Duplicate inks and the total volume is 60,965.5ml or 61 litres (16.1 gallons).

Did you know that you can compare the inks listed here with your own (i.e. only show those that the other owns that you don't) if you create an account on the site and enter your inks? You can sign up here.