Urban Hafner

I’m the author of this site and a huge fan of trying out all the inks. As I build websites for a living I thought that it would only be fitting that I write a site that let’s you trade inks or ink samples with others.

You can find me on Instagram as @urbanhafner where I post about all the pens I buy.

If you want to send me a letter (or heaven forbid some ink samples) you can send them to:

Urban Hafner
Postfach 1908
82103 Germering

You can reach me via email for all your questions related to the site at hello@fountainpencompanion.com.

Did you know that you can compare the inks listed here with your own (i.e. only show those that the other owns that you don't) if you create an account on the site and enter your inks? You can sign up here.