Franklin-Christoph Graphite 4B


NameGraphite 4B
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Ink Review: Franklin-Christoph Graphite 4B
By Jessica Coles Franklin-Christoph.  New Ink.  How on Earth did I miss two of my favorite things intersecting? I was only able to attend the first few hours of the Raleigh Pen Show this year, alth…
Franklin-Christoph Graphite 4B | Mike Matteson
A new Franklin-Christoph ink? You know I've gotta cover that one! Thanks go to FC for providing the bottle for review.Get your Inkdependence merch! http://in...
Franklin-Christoph Graphite 4B - Ink Review | Julian
A review of Franklin-Christoph Graphite 4B.

Names for this ink

31Franklin-ChristophGraphite 4B
2Franklin ChristophGraphite 4B