De Atramentis Document Fuchsia

De Atramentis Document Fuchsia is sold in 45 ml round bottles. It is pH-neutral, has good lightfastness and water-resistance. Document Fuchsia is a vibrant fuchsia-pink ink. It has a good flow, a little gold sheen in large applications on some papers, and does not appear to have much shading.


BrandDe Atramentis
NameDocument Fuchsia
Owner count68
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De Atramentis Fuchsia
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Names for this ink

33De AtramentisDocument Fuchsia
8De AtramentisDocument InkDocument Fuchsia
8De AtramentisDocumentFuchsia
4De AtramentisDocumentDocument Fuchsia
3De AtramentisDocument InksDocument Fuchsia
2De AtramentisDocumentFuschia
2De AtramentisDocument InkFuchsia / Magenta
1de AtramentisDocumentFuchsia
1De AtramentisDocumental Permanent InkDocument Fuchsia
1De AtramentisDocument InksFuchsia
1De AtramentisDocument InksMagenta
1De AtramentisdokumentusDocument Fuchsia
1De AtramentisPermanent InkDocument Fuchsia
1DeAtramentisDocument Fuchsia