De Atramentis Fog Grey

This is an ink in the brand’s document line. It is a permanent blue-leaning grey.


BrandDe Atramentis
NameFog Grey
Owner count181
Average Color

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Fog Grey – De Atramentis
De Atramentis is german manufacturer of calligraphy and writing ink. The inks are hand made (the entire production process is done manually in their manufacturing center) by i’s founder &#821…
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Day 23 of @InkJournal's challenge - #30inks30days finds me wrestling with a permanent ink: DeAtramentis Document Fog Grey. I like the color but the properties of the ink create a lot of bleed th...
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Review of De Atramentis Fog Grey fountain pen ink using a Pilot Penmanship EF nib. Chapters: 00:00 Swatch color comparison 00:18 Zoom (microscope) photo 00:25 Written review 02:19 Zoom of absor...
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Names for this ink

106De AtramentisFog Grey
33De AtramentisDocumentFog Grey
21De AtramentisDocument InkFog Grey
6De AtramentisDocument Fog Grey
2De AtramentisStandardFog Grey
2De AtramentisDocument InksFog Grey
1De AtramentisDocumental Permanent InkDocument Fog Grey
1De AtramentisDocumental Permanent InkFog Grey
1De AtramentisFog
1De AtramentisDocument InksDocument Fog Grey
1De AtramentisDocument InksFog Green
1De AtramentisdokumentusFog Gray
1DeAtramentisFog Grey
1DeAtramentisDocumentFog Grey
1De AtramentisFog grey
1DeAtramentisDocument InkFog Grey
1De AtramentisFog Gray