Color Traveler Ninoshima Baumkuchen


BrandColor Traveler
NameNinoshima Baumkuchen
Owner count5
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Ink Review #609: Color Traveler Ninoshima Baumkuchen — Fountain Pen Pharmacist | fountainpenpharmacist
Today we will be reviewing Color Traveler Ninoshima Baumkuchen. Baumkuchen is a spit cake that originated from German Cuisine. Swabs:
Ink Review: Color Traveler - Ninoshima Baumkuchen fountain pen ink — Inky Inspirations | Rick Knorr
Ink review of Color Traveler's Ninoshima Baumkuchen fountain pen ink.

Names for this ink

5Color TravelerNinoshima Baumkuchen