Wearingeul Wayfarer

Bright teal with purple shimmer


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As mentioned previously, Wearingeul are a fairly new brand to me. Based in South Korea they continue to expand their stationery ranges with some very nice, sheening, shimmer and shading fountain pe…
24 Wearingeul Wayfarer - #30inks30days April 2023
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Names for this ink

15WearingeulNatsume Soseki LiteratureWayfarer
2WearingeulThe Color of LiteratureWayfarer
2WearingeulNatsume SosekiWayfarer
1WearingeulWestern LiteratureWayfarer
1WearingeulWorld LiteratureWayfarer
1WearingeulWorld Literature CollectionWayfarer
1WearingeulLiterature shimmerWayfarer
1WearingeulSosecki Natsume (The Color of Literature)Wayfarer
1WearingeulSoseki NatsumeWayfarer