Wearingeul Yi Sang Thirteen Children

Wearingeul Yi Sang Thirteen (13) Children comes in a square 30 ml glass bottle. The ink starts as a dark blue colour, but dries into a blueish green, or deep teal. Wearingeul says that this “illustrates the fright of the 13 children”. The ink has a red sheen, and some shading.


LineYi Sang
NameThirteen Children
Owner count25
Average Color

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    Wearingeul Yi-sang — Mountain of Ink
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    Wearingeul is a new-to-me brand I’ve been excited to try out. They are made in Korea, in the same factory as Colorverse. Let’s look at the Yi-sang series. Thanks to Wearingeul for sending these ...
    Wearingeul Thirteen Children
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    www.youtube.com | Muze Pens 名筆館
    李箱(이상 1910 - 1937)是韓國著名詩人和小說家,被譽為韓國超現實主義文學的先驅。他原本是建築技師,由開始發表作品到病故,創作生涯不足八年,卻留下許多領先時代的作品,因此被稱為「一代鬼才」。他在報紙連載詩歌《烏瞰圖》時(他故意去掉一橫變成「烏」),更曾因過於晦澀難懂而引發讀者抗議,被迫腰斬。 韓國品牌Wearingeul🇰🇷以5款精緻墨水,為我們呈現李箱的詩歌。墨水各有豐富的深淺...

    Names for this ink

    15WearingeulYi SangThirteen Children
    8WearingeulThirteen Children
    1WearingeulYi Sang Literature CollectionThirteen Children
    1WearingeulYi Sang Literature InkThirteen Children