Wearingeul Sky of Passing Seasons

Wearingeul Sky of Passing Seasons, or The Sky, Seasons Passing By, comes in a square 30 ml glass bottle. It is a rich navy or medium blue, with no sheen but some shading. Descriptions and reviews say it is well behaved and has good flow. It is one of the four inks inspired by the night sky.


NameSky of Passing Seasons
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Wearingeul Yun Dong-ju — Mountain of Ink
mountainofink.com | Kelli McCown
Wearingeul Yun Dong-ju includes: a Star Spattered Hill, Shooting at the Moon, Stars in Autumn and the Sky. These are such great winter colors together. Thanks to Wearingeul for sending these ink...
Wearingeul The Sky, Seasons Passing By - Ink Review
www.thewritersarmory.com | Julian (Edited/co-written by Sarah)
Ink review #51, featuring Wearingeul The Sky, Seasons Passing By.
【文學的顏色】Wearingeul 朝鮮作家系列 墨水 - 尹東柱|Korean Writers Ink Collection - Yun Dong-ju
www.youtube.com | Muze Pens 名筆館
尹東柱是韓國當代十位最具影響力詩人之一。1943年,他因爭取朝鮮獨立被捕,最終魂斷牢獄,年僅29歲。在連姓名與語言都被禁制的年代,他創作了大量韓文詩歌。他的詩集《天空、風、星星與詩》戰後在韓國廣為流傳,被稱為「閃爍在黑暗夜空裡的一顆星」。2016年電影《東柱:時代詩情》便記述了他的事蹟。 「一顆星是回憶/一顆星是愛戀/一顆星是孤寂/一顆星是憧憬/一顆星是詩歌/一顆星是媽媽,媽媽」——節錄自...

Names for this ink

27WearingeulSky of Passing Seasons
2WearingeulThe Sky, Seasons Passing By
2WearingeulYun Dong-juSky of Passing Seasons
2WearingeulYun Dong-juThe Sky, Seasons Passing By
1WearingeulStandardThe Sky, Seasons Passing By
1WearingeulThe SkySeasons Passing By
1WearingeulYun Dong-juSeasons Passing By
1WearingeulYun Dong JuThe Sky, Seasons Passing By
1WearingeulYun Dong Ju Literature CollectionThe Sky, Seasons Passing By
1WearingeulYun Dong-ju SetThe Sky, Seasons Passing By
1ColorVerseSky of Passing Seasons
1WearingeulYun Dong-ju (The Color of Literature)The Sky, Seasons Passing By (계절이 지나가는 하늘)
1WearingeulSky, Seasons Passing By
1WearingeulThe Sky, the Seasons Passing By
1WearingeulColor of LiteratureThe Sky, Seasons Passing By