Bungukan Kobayashi Shizuoka Green Tea


BrandBungukan Kobayashi
NameShizuoka Green Tea
Owner count16
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    InkMas 2021 Day 8 [Shizuoka Green Tea] Bungukan Kobayashi Book Of Ink 文具館コバヤシ静岡抹茶インク紹介
    www.youtube.com | epiklab
    DAY 8: Bungukan Kobayashi's Shizuoka Green Tea 大黒天紹介 I bought Bungukan Kobayashi’s ink samplers called Book of Ink. Shall we make "InkMas" a thing in 2021? 25 swatches, 25 days? #inkmas #inkma...

    Names for this ink

    10Bungukan KobayashiShizuoka Green Tea
    1Bungukan KobayashiShizuoka Cha
    1Bungukan KobayashiShizuoka cha
    1Bungukan Kobayashiしずおかちゃ (Shizuoka Tea)
    1SailorShituoka Green Tea
    1SailorBungukan Kobayashi ft. Ken TakedaShizuoka Green Tea
    1Bungukan KobayashiShizuoka Green Tea (Scented)