Vinta Inks Blue Floss Perya 1820


BrandVinta Inks
NameBlue Floss Perya 1820
Owner count118
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Ink review #824: Vinta Perya — Mountain of Ink | Kelli McCown
Vinta Blue Floss Perya 1820 is a pale, unsaturated blue, it belongs to Vinta’s Series 2 Pastel collection. According to Vinta’s website : “One of the most beautiful parks in Manila is Luneta Park...
Vinta Inks – Range Swatch Test
A couple of months back, I swatch tested 100 samples from the Sailor Ink Studio range and four new colours from Troublemaker Inks. I was hugely impressed with all of the dramatic chromatic behaviou…
Ink Review #651: Vinta Inks Blue Floss Perya 1820 — Fountain Pen Pharmacist | fountainpenpharmacist
Today we will be taking a look at Vinta Inks Blue Floss 1820. I believe this ink was inspired by the blue cotton candy that children eat as they walk through Luneta Park. Swabs:

Names for this ink

88Vinta InksBlue Floss Perya 1820
3Vinta InksBlue Floss [Perya 1820]
3VintaBlue Floss Perya 1820
3Vinta InksBlue Floss
2Vinta InksPerya
2Vinta InksBlue Floss (Perya 1820)
2Vinta InksPerya 1820 (Blue Flowers)
2Vinta InksCarnivalBlue Floss Perya 1820
1Vinta InksFairytale CollectionBlue Floss Perya 1820
1Vinta InksPerya / Blue Floss 1820
1Vinta InksCarnivalBlue Floss (Perya 1820)
1Vinta InksCarnivalBlue Floss [Perya 1820]
1Vinta InksKarnivalBlue Floss Perya 1820
1Vinta InksCollection 02Perya 1820 (Blue Flowers)
1Vinta InksBlue Floss - Perya 1820
1VintaPerya Blue Floss 1820