Birmingham Pen Company - 159 inks

32Birmingham Pen CompanyAlbert Einstein Relative CadmiumDetails
20Birmingham Pen CompanyAllegheny Arsenal Gunpowder BlackDetails
9Birmingham Pen CompanyAllegheny Courthouse Justice BlueDetails
29Birmingham Pen CompanyAllegheny Observatory Celestial BlueDetails
29Birmingham Pen CompanyAllegheny River TwilightDetails
1Birmingham Pen CompanyAlvin Theater Canterbury RaisinDetails
25Birmingham Pen CompanyAmericus's Oyster Bar Salmon Hors d'OeuvreDetails
22Birmingham Pen CompanyAndrew Carnegie Steel BlueDetails
55Birmingham Pen CompanyAndy Warhol Pop Art PurpleDetails
12Birmingham Pen CompanyBarney Dreyfuss ParrotDetails
11Birmingham Pen CompanyBilly Eckstine Blues for SaleDetails
4Birmingham Pen CompanyBlizzard TwinkleDetails
9Birmingham Pen CompanyBloomfield RedDetails
21Birmingham Pen CompanyBob Prince Green WeenieDetails
1Birmingham Pen CompanyBrunot Island IcterineDetails
5Birmingham Pen CompanyBryce Brothers Lead GlassDetails
5Birmingham Pen CompanyCanton Avenue Jack & JillDetails
13Birmingham Pen CompanyCarrie Furnace Pig IronDetails
1Birmingham Pen CompanyCarson Street Amber AleDetails
27Birmingham Pen CompanyCathedral of Learning Panther BlueDetails
5Birmingham Pen CompanyCement City Opal BasilDetails
11Birmingham Pen CompanyChipotleDetails
7Birmingham Pen CompanyChuck Cooper Sunrise KeyDetails
6Birmingham PensCoal TarDetails
8Birmingham Pen CompanyCold SteelDetails
5Birmingham PensConrad Weiser CeruleanDetails
7Birmingham Pen CompanyCoronaDetails
4Birmingham Pen CompanyCranberry TwinkleDetails
5Birmingham Pen CompanyCrawford Grill DragonflyDetails
17Birmingham Pen CompanyDavid O Selznick Lilac WindDetails
1Birmingham Pen CompanyDepartment of Transportation Safety VestDetails
5Birmingham Pen CompanyDr. Bedford Field TourniquetDetails
5Birmingham Pen CompanyDr. Spock Baby BermudaDetails
28Birmingham Pen CompanyDuquesne Incline Station RedDetails
11Birmingham Pen CompanyEbenezer Denny CarmineDetails
18Birmingham Pen CompanyEdgar T. Steel Works Coking Coal BlackDetails
15Birmingham Pen CompanyElectronDetails
14Birmingham Pen CompanyEmerald ScoutDetails
9Birmingham Pen CompanyEmerald View Park Oxidized BrassDetails
16Birmingham Pen CompanyEnterprise Tower AluminumDetails
6Birmingham PensE&O Brewery Golden AleDetails
6Birmingham Pen CompanyErnest T. Weir Corroded TinDetails
13Birmingham Pen CompanyErrol Garner Rose OvertureDetails
1Birmingham Pen CompanyExposition Grounds AmaranthDetails
3Birmingham Pen CompanyFair Wheel BlueDetails
2Birmingham Pen CompanyFire Engine RedDetails
1Birmingham Pen CompanyFive-Cent FuchsiaDetails
5Birmingham Pen CompanyFlood of 1936 Black MoldDetails
16Birmingham Pen CompanyForbes Field GreenDetails
25Birmingham Pen CompanyFort Pitt Blockhouse SepiaDetails
14Birmingham Pen CompanyFrank Gorshin Riddle GreenDetails
7Birmingham Pen CompanyFrank Sinatra Blue EyesDetails
37Birmingham Pen CompanyFred Rogers Cardigan RedDetails
14Birmingham Pen CompanyFrick Building Stained GlassDetails
13Birmingham Pen CompanyFrick Park Fern Hollow CreekDetails
15Birmingham Pen CompanyFt. Duquesne Battle French TricolorDetails
4Birmingham Pen CompanyFulton Building SteamboatDetails
20Birmingham Pen CompanyGayety Theater Vaudeville RegaliaDetails
22Birmingham Pen CompanyG. C. Murphy Tarnished NickelDetails
16Birmingham Pen CompanyGene Kelly Raspberry RainDetails
7Birmingham Pen CompanyGeorge Ferris Jr.Worlds Fair BlueDetails
38Birmingham Pen CompanyGeorge Westinghouse Alternator CrimsonDetails
20Birmingham Pen CompanyGrandview Avenue Midnight HorizonDetails
19Birmingham Pen CompanyGrant Street Weathered BrickDetails
26Birmingham Pen CompanyGulf Tower Gerbera PinkDetails
2Birmingham Pen CompanyGunpowder BlackDetails
27Birmingham Pen CompanyHenry P. Ford ArugulaDetails
14Birmingham Pen CompanyHerbert Simon Cranberry NobelDetails
25Birmingham Pen CompanyHighland Park Zoo Polar BearDetails
15Birmingham Pen CompanyHomestead Steel Works Slag GrayDetails
17Birmingham Pen CompanyHonus Wagner Infield BrownDetails
2Birmingham Pen CompanyInland TealDetails
12Birmingham Pen CompanyIrish Festival Clover GreenDetails
16Birmingham Pen CompanyJane Grey Swisshelm Daisy LaceDetails
24Birmingham Pen CompanyJeff Goldblum Independence GrayDetails
14Birmingham Pen CompanyJohn Arbuckle Coffee BeanDetails
4Birmingham PensJohn H Mellor BrunswickDetails
10Birmingham Pen CompanyJohn Kowalski's TreetopDetails
15Birmingham Pen CompanyJohnny Unitas The Golden ArmDetails
11Birmingham Pen CompanyJonas Salk Serum UmberDetails
14Birmingham Pen CompanyJoseph Horne Beach CoralDetails
13Birmingham Pen CompanyJosh Gibson FieldsDetails
8Birmingham Pen CompanyKaufman Bros. Carnelian SilkDetails
31Birmingham Pen CompanyKier Refinery PetroleumDetails
12Birmingham Pen CompanyLiberty Tunnels Southern PortalDetails
3Birmingham Pen CompanyLichen WatermarkDetails
16Birmingham Pen CompanyLittle Italy Eggplant ParmesanDetails
23Birmingham Pen CompanyLuna Park MarmaladeDetails
4Birmingham PensMadam C. J. Walker Elegant FuchsiaDetails
5Birmingham Pen CompanyMary C. Dawson Summer JadeDetails
13Birmingham Pen CompanyMary Lou Williams Piano Girl PinkDetails
11Birmingham Pen CompanyMary R. Rinehart ThundercloudDetails
2Birmingham Pen CompanyMcClurg, Wade & Company LocomotiveDetails
4Birmingham Pen CompanyMcKeesport PumpernickelDetails
8Birmingham Pen CompanyMercy Hospital Sisters AzureDetails
1Birmingham Pen CompanyMidnight TwinkleDetails
7Birmingham Pen CompanyMonogahela Wharf Plum BushelDetails
4Birmingham PensMonongahela River LusterDetails
1Birmingham Pen CompanyMorningside Raspberry RainDetails
12Birmingham Pen CompanyMt. Washington SunsetDetails
4Birmingham Pen CompanyMulberry SilkDetails
9Birmingham Pen CompanyNeville B. Craig Golden GazetteDetails
1Birmingham Pen CompanyOhio River Tributary TwinkleDetails
6Birmingham PensO.W. Penn Hotel MerlotDetails
12Birmingham Pen CompanyPennsylvania Canal Sapphire TributaryDetails
1Birmingham Pen CompanyPennsylvania Canal Sapphire Tributary TwinkleDetails
51Birmingham Pen CompanyPennsylvania Railroad Boiler Steam Blue BlackDetails
6Birmingham Pen CompanyPersian CopperDetails
8Birmingham Pen CompanyPetroleum CokeDetails
7Birmingham Pen CompanyPhiladelphia Company Fried CircuitDetails
15Birmingham Pen CompanyPhilander C. Knox Old Glory BlueDetails
27Birmingham Pen CompanyPhipps Conservatory VerbenaDetails
28Birmingham Pen CompanyPittsburg Aviary Violet StarlingDetails
7Birmingham Pen CompanyPittsburgh Aitch AstrayDetails
22Birmingham Pen CompanyPittsburgh Bankers Ice RinkDetails
15Birmingham Pen CompanyPittsburgh Reduction Co. Aluminum OxideDetails
6Birmingham Pen CompanyPittsburgh Symphony FramboiseDetails
32Birmingham Pen CompanyPoint Park Fountain TurquoiseDetails
1Birmingham Pen Companyprojector filmDetails
24Birmingham Pen CompanyRachel Carson Silent SpringDetails
18Birmingham Pen CompanyRailroad Strike Riot EmberDetails
4Birmingham Pen CompanyReymer & Brothers Confectionary Salt Water TaffyDetails
15Birmingham Pen CompanyRick & Copper Canterbury RaisinDetails
2Birmingham Pen CompanyRiverview Park Pincushion MossDetails
34Birmingham Pen CompanyRodman Gun Gunpowder TeaDetails
18Birmingham Pen CompanySchenley Casino CornflowerDetails
25Birmingham Pen CompanySchenley Park Thicket GreenDetails
19Birmingham Pen CompanyShadyside Walnut St. BrownDetails
8Birmingham Pen CompanySkyline Transport Cruising AltitudeDetails
14Birmingham Pen CompanySmithfield St. Bridge Truss BlueDetails
23Birmingham Pen CompanySouth Side Market BoysenberryDetails
17Birmingham Pen CompanySouthside Park Fern MossDetails
16Birmingham Pen CompanySport Donnelly Grass StainDetails
2Birmingham PensStage Velvet LusterDetails
7Birmingham PensStation Square South ShoreDetails
6Birmingham PensSteamboatDetails
2Birmingham Pen CompanySteel Building Smoked IronDetails
6Birmingham Pen CompanySteel Tower Smoked IronDetails
3Birmingham Pen CompanyStrawberry TwinkleDetails
6Birmingham Pen CompanyThe Pittsburgh Kid Ringside MaroonDetails
1Birmingham Pen CompanyThe Post Golden GazetteDetails
17Birmingham Pen CompanyThomas Mellon EvergreenDetails
4Birmingham Pen CompanyThree Rivers Stadium Soft PretzelDetails
5Birmingham Pen CompanyTwilightDetails
14Birmingham Pen CompanyUSS Requin Navy BlueDetails
1Birmingham Pen CompanyVaudeville TwinkleDetails
43Birmingham Pen CompanyWaterfront DuskDetails
2Birmingham Pen CompanyWest Homestead Independence GrayDetails
14Birmingham Pen CompanyWhiskey Rebellion BourbonDetails
15Birmingham Pen CompanyWinky's Hamburgers Root BeerDetails
32Birmingham Pen CompanyWinter Garden SnowflakeDetails
3Birmingham Pen CompanyYoughiogheny River BellflowerDetails
1Birmingham Pen CompanyBrownGambogeDetails
1Birmingham Pen CompanyBrownLondon FogDetails
1Birmingham Pen CompanyEverlastingCoal AshDetails
1Birmingham Pen CompanyEverlasting InksBlack IceDetails
2Birmingham Pen CompanyGreenHall of Fame RivieraDetails
2Birmingham Penslustrethe Pittsburgh Theater Stage VioletDetails
2Birmingham Pen CompanysampleKernel BrownDetails