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Ink Review #522: Taccia Momo Pink — Mountain of Ink
mountainofink.com | Kelli McCown
Ink review of Taccia Momo Pink.
Ink Overview: Taccia Inks
Taccia introduced its own line of inks at the San Francisco Pen Show. The full line includes 13 colors in 40ml glass bottles. The bottles looked like slightly taller versions of the Sailor  (more l…
Taccia Momo | Ink Sampling with The Inked Well
www.youtube.com | The Inked Well
It seems like I'm on a kick of trying interesting inks. This week we take a look at another ink that was out of my wheel house. Taccia Momo is pink. No other...
Taccia - Momo (Pink) - Ink Profile - Singles Club
www.youtube.com | Chris Saenz
In this video we explore a very bright pink ink - Taccia Momo (Pink) - from Japan. I'll show you the ink in 4 notebooks and on 7 paper types! There is a 6 color comparison panel and some visual...

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8TacciaMomo Pink
1TacciaMomo (Pink)