Straits Pen - 26 inks

16Straits PenBougainvillea Purple
14Straits PenFaking Green
24Straits PenHappy Accident Lilac
12Straits PenLiterally, the Only Serious Color in the Entire Lineup
6Straits PenManila Copper
1Straits PenOP1-AB Blue
1Straits PenOP1- CP Pink
1Straits PenOP1-EB Brown
1Straits PenOP1-FR Red
1Straits PenOP1-LG Green
2Straits PenOP1-PS
1Straits PenOP1-QB Turquoise
2Straits PenOP1-RG
1Straits PenOP1-SB Black
2Straits PenOP1-SE
1Straits PenOP1-SP Purple
1Straits PenOP1-SY Yellow
2Straits PenOP1-UL
8Straits PenPark of Roses
43Straits PenPoor Man's Sapphire
5Straits PenRose by the Box
24Straits PenSad Stormy Swedish Sea
27Straits PenShitty Sepia
16Straits PenSlowpoke Green
10Straits PenStorm Warning
27Straits PenUltra-meh-rine