Straits Pen

Singapore stationer, maker of Honest Ink which was launched at the 2018 San Francisco International Pen Show.

Straits Pen - 29 inks
44Straits Pen
Bougainvillea PurpleDetails
16Straits Pen
Faking GreenDetails
20Straits Pen
For About an EternityDetails
46Straits Pen
Happy Accident LilacDetails
34Straits Pen
Literally, the Only Serious Color in the Entire LineupDetails
14Straits Pen
Manila CopperDetails
1Straits Pen
OP1-AB BlueDetails
1Straits Pen
OP1- CP PinkDetails
1Straits Pen
OP1-EB BrownDetails
1Straits Pen
OP1-FR RedDetails
1Straits Pen
OP1-LG GreenDetails
2Straits Pen
1Straits Pen
OP1-QB TurquoiseDetails
2Straits Pen
1Straits Pen
OP1-SB BlackDetails
2Straits Pen
1Straits Pen
OP1-SP PurpleDetails
1Straits Pen
OP1-SY YellowDetails
2Straits Pen
15Straits Pen
Park of RosesDetails
76Straits Pen
Poor Man's SapphireDetails
6Straits Pen
Rose by the BoxDetails
3Straits Pen
roundtown pumpkinDetails
60Straits Pen
Sad Stormy Swedish SeaDetails
57Straits Pen
Shitty SepiaDetails
3Straits Pen
40Straits Pen
Slowpoke GreenDetails
17Straits Pen
Storm WarningDetails
45Straits Pen