Robert Oster Fire and Ice

Robert Oster Fire and Ice has just a touch of green to it, not enough to make it a teal, but more than turquoise. There is a pink sheen.


BrandRobert Oster
NameFire and Ice
Owner count946
Average Color

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Robert Oster Fire and Ice — Mountain of Ink | Kelli McCown
Review of Robert Oster Fire and Ice.
Ink Review: Robert Oster Fire & Ice
I could not wait to get my hands on Robert Oster Signature Fire & Ice ink ($16). It was sold out on Vanness Pens as soon as it was available so I had to wait a couple weeks to get a bottle of m…
Robert Oster Fire & Ice
Robert Oster is new player in fountain pen ink market. He operates worldwide through distributors. The inks are sold in 50 ml PET bottles with a tightly secure twist cap. I don’t know who mak…
12 Days of Inkmas: Robert Oster Fire & Ice (Day 4)
Robert Oster’s Fire and Ice (50mL for #$17) isn’t new, but I find myself reaching for it every holiday season. Something about that tealy blue and the red sheen feel perfect for address…
Review: Robert Oster Fire and Ice | Comfortable Shoes Studio
This is another ink a lovely stationery friend sent me a sample of, and I don’t remember who sent the ink. Lesson learned. All new samples are getting labeled. This ink is similar to Oster’s other ...
Ink Review: Robert Oster Signature Ink - Fire and Ice | Mick L
Ink Review: Robert Oster Signature Ink - Fire and IceIndependent review.http://www.michaelshobbies.wordpress.comThe opinions are my own, based on my own exp...
Robert Oster Fire and Ice | An Ink Guy
Here I review Robert Oster Fire and Ice. It is a Blue ink. I compare it to 365 other inks tested on its viscosity and dry time, results are shown on a bell c...
Day 24 - 30 Inks 30 Days - Robert Oster Fire & Ice | Chris Saenz
Day 24 of @InkJournal's challenge - #30inks30days finds me playing like a little kid in the ink: Robert Oster Fire and Ice is my ink for today! I love it! It's beautiful! PLEASE NOTE: always ...
Robert Oster fire and Ice Ink Review | Miss Marilyn Darling
#inkreview #robertoster #ink #fountainpen #pen
Hot Stuff! Robert Oster Fire & Ice! | Anderson Pens
Robert Oster Fire & Ice -
Ink Review: Robert Oster Fire & Ice fountain pen ink — Inky Inspirations | Rick Knorr
An ink review of Robert Oster Fire & Ice fountain pen ink, a beautiful blue with deep red sheen, and the non-shimmer version of Robert Oster Silver Fire & Ice.

Names for this ink

820Robert OsterFire and Ice
51Robert OsterSignatureFire and Ice
28Robert OsterFire & Ice
10Robert Oster SignatureFire and Ice
7Robert OsterSignature InkFire and Ice
6Robert OsterSignatureFire & Ice
6Robert Oster SignatureFire & Ice
4Robert OsterSignature InkFire & Ice
2robert osterFire and Ice
1Robert OsterShimmerFire and Ice
1Robert OsterSignatureFire and Ice™
1Robert OsterThink AustraliaFire and Ice
1Robert OsterShadingFire and Ice
1Robert osterFire and ice
1Robert OsterFire And Ice
1Robert OsterFire and Ice 50112
1Robert OsterFire on Ice
1Robert OsterFirer and Ice
1Robert OsterBlues and JealsFire and Ice
1Rober OsterSignatureFire & Ice
1Robert OstersheenFire and Ice