Platinum Classic Cassis Black


NameCassis Black
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Ink Review #483: Platinum Classic Cassis Black — Mountain of Ink | Kelli McCown
Ink review of Platinum Classic Cassis Black.
Ink Review #16: Platinum Cassis Black — Fountain Pen Pharmacist | pharmd10
Today's review introduces another iron gall ink: Platinum Classic Cassis Black. This color is redder than Platinum's Lavender Black . Iron-gall inks may turn out to be my preferred go-tos, as they...
Platinum Classic Cassis Black
Thanks for the ink sample, Anderson Pens!  Another iron gal ink!? Yep! This interesting maroonish ink is named after the cassis lique...
Platinum Classic Cassis Black Iron Gall ink writing sample | The Pen Outpost
A quick writing sample displaying Cassis Black and its color shifting property. Available on ebay at the.pen.outpost
Platinum Classic Cassis Black | Mike Matteson
It's a burgundy iron gall, and you should check it out! Ink provided by Anderson Pens!

Names for this ink

86PlatinumClassicCassis Black
40PlatinumCassis Black
3PlatinumIron GallCassis Black
2PlatinumClassic InkCassis Black
1Platinum classicCassis Black
1SailorCassis Black
1PlatinumClassicCassis Red
1PlatinumClassic inkCassis Black