Organics Studio Nitrogen Royal Blue

An iconic and hugely sheening ink, blue with deep purple sheen.


BrandOrganics Studio
NameNitrogen Royal Blue
Owner count833
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Ink Review: Organics Studio Nitrogen Royal Blue — Macchiato Man | Yagan Kiely (Macchiato Man)
I picked up Organics Studio Nitrogen Royal Blue late last year and it is one of the most astonishing inks I have ever used. The sheen on this ink is like nothing else, the name of the ink is odd an...
Ink Review #75: Organics Studio Nitrogen Royal Blue — Mountain of Ink | Kelli McCown
Review of Organics Studio Nitrogen Royal Blue.
Ink Review: Organics Studio Nitrogen Royal Blue
I have been hoarding this review for ages because Organics Studio Nitrogen Royal Blue ($14 per 55ml bottle) is almost always out of stock. No matter how fast it is restocked, it sells out. If you h…
Ink Review #242: Organics Studio Elements Nitrogen Royal Blue — Fountain Pen Pharmacist | fountainpen_pharmd
Today we will be talking about Organics Studio Nitrogen, a sheening blue. Organics Studio is an ink company based in Maryland. It was originally founded by a biochemistry student, and boast a lar...
Ink Review: Organic Studio's Nitrogen Blue Ink | VittaR
Here I review an ink by Organic Studio, this time their offering by the title of "Nitrogen Blue". Here-in may be found my own thoughts and opinions on the ma...
Review: Organics Studio Nitrogen | Comfortable Shoes Studio
I was gifted a sample of this ink from a friend. I should have labeled the tube when it arrived but I thought I would be able to remember who sent it. I can’t remember which of my wonderful station...
Organic Studios Nitrogen | An Ink Guy
This is a review of Organic Studios Nitrogen Here on the channel there is a new ink review posted weekly. I get inks test them and share the results with you, so you know before you buy. General ...
Organics Studio Nitrogen: Fountain Pen Ink Review - The Goulet Pen Company
Sheening fountain pen ink can be hard to find, but Organics Studio Nitrogen has it in spades. Is this blue/red ink something you're interested in knowing?
Organics Studio Nitrogen | Miss Marilyn Darling We hope the s...

Names for this ink

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