KWZ Chicago Blue


NameChicago Blue
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Ink Review #788: KWZ Chicago Blue — Mountain of Ink | Kelli McCown
Ink review of KWZ Chicago Blue.
Ink Review: KWZ Chicago Blue
KWZ Chicago Blue (60ml, $15)  is an ink color exclusively created for the Chicago Pen Show 2017 but luckily for you, it did not sell out completely. There are still a few bottles left for sale thro…
KWZ Chicago Blue (2017 Chicago Pen Show Exclusive)
This is an exclusive ink that I picked up in Chicago, and it's probably pretty hard to find right now. It may show up from some vendors w...
KWZ Chicago Blue | Mike Matteson
This is the limited edition ink from the Chicago Pen Show in 2017. It's a deep, dark blue, and it's worth checking out. Help support the blog with Patreon!ht...

Names for this ink

34KWZChicago Blue
2KWZChicago Pen Show 2017Chicago Blue
2KWZStandardChicago Blue
1KWZChicago Pen ShowChicago Blue
1KWZChicago Pen Show 2018DA BLUE
1KWZKWZ InkChicago Blue
1KWZ InkChicago Blue
1KWZ InkChicago Pen Show 2017Chicago Blue
1KWZ InkChicago Pen Show 2019Chicago Blue
1KWZChicago 2019Chicago Blue