Bungubox Imperial Purple


NameImperial Purple
Owner count33
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Inkspot: Sailor Bung Box Sumeragi (Imperial Purple)
www.youtube.com | The Pen Habit
Read the full written review, see additional photos, and join the conversation at http://penhabit.com/2016/02/22/inkspot-review-sailor-jentle-bungbox-sumeragi-imperial-purple/ Support The Pen Hab...

Names for this ink

20BunguboxImperial Purple
2SailorBung BoxSumeragi Imperial Purple
2SailorBunguboxSumeramurasaki Imperial Purple
2BunguboxSumeramurasaki Imperial Purple
1SailorBung BoxImperial Purple
1SailorBunguboxImperial Purple
1Bung BoxImperial Purple
1SailorJentleImperial Purple
1BunguboxInk Tells MoreImperial Purple
1Bungu BoxSumeramurasaki Imperial Purple
1SailorBungboxImperial Purple