Kala Ink Star Garnet


BrandKala Ink
NameStar Garnet
Owner count19
Average Color

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Ink Review #364: Kala Nostalgia Gemstone Star Garnet — Fountain Pen Pharmacist
fountainpenpharmacist.com | fountainpen_pharmd
Hello everyone! This post marks the last, but not least, of the Kala Nostalgia Gemstone collection. I have to say that I preferred the light gray inks, and have kept the Moonstone, Grey Agate, and ...
12 Days of Inkmas: Kala Nostalgia Gemstone Star Garnet (Day 3)
For this year’s Inkmas posts, I wanted to draw a little bit to commemorate the season. Today’s ink is a gorgeous plummy purple from the Kala Nostalgia Gemstone series, Star Garnet (30mL…
2020 Inkvent Day 5! (Spoiler: Kala Nostalgia Gemstone Star Garnet)
www.youtube.com | Mike Matteson
On this fifth day of Inkvent, we've got a lovely purple ink from one of my favorite ink makers. Check it out here! Sure, I posted it a little late, but only ...

Names for this ink

7Kala InkStar Garnet
7Kala InkNostalgia/GemstoneStar Garnet
2Kala InkGemstoneStar Garnet
1Kala InkNostalgiaStar Garnet
1Kala InkNostalgia / GemstoneStar Garnet
1Kala InkNostalgia GemstoneStar Garnet