Kala Ink Nostalgia / Abstraction Ocean Breeze


BrandKala Ink
LineNostalgia / Abstraction
NameOcean Breeze
Owner count17
Average Color

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Ink Review #343: Kala Nostalgia Abstraction Ocean Breeze — Fountain Pen Pharmacist
fountainpenpharmacist.com | fountainpen_pharmd
Today continues our march into Kala Abstraction Inks. I think I’ve solved the series! There are 12 inks total with 6 low saturation/6 high saturation inks. I’ve started pairing them up with each ot...
Kala Nostalgia Abstraction Ocean Breeze
www.youtube.com | Mike Matteson
Another Kala ink? Yep! It's a rad color that resists water and flows really well. Check out this unusual ink in this video, and find your own at JetPens or S...

Names for this ink

10Kala InkNostalgia / AbstractionOcean Breeze
3Kala InkOcean Breeze
2KalaNostalgia / AbstractionOcean Breeze
1KalaOcean Breeze
1Kala InkNostalgiaOcean Breeze Pigment Ink