Inkebara Petrol Dark

Well-flowing ink that fits its name. Lighter parts of lines written with the ink veers bluer, heavier parts veers greener, and there is an undeniable sheen of wine red outlining. Saturated and well-behaved. Worth shaking both bottle and pen a little now and then. It seems it can separate, with extremely fine green particles. No clogging issues have been reported so far.


NamePetrol Dark
Owner count46
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last of the summer blues: inkebara petrol dark & sea green
The blue inks will always be summery for me because they always reming me of the sea. I do use them year-round, as a reminder of the sea for me to carry them around when I’m living inland. I couldn...

Names for this ink

40InkebaraPetrol Dark
4Inkebara#330 Petrol Dark
1Inkebara330Petrol Dark
1InkebaraStandardPetrol Dark