25 inks

3Straits PenBougainvillea Purple
1Straits PenCustom colour by Claire
12Straits PenFaking Green
1Straits PenFuckin Green
13Straits PenHappy Accident Lilac
5Straits PenLiterally, the Only Serious Color in the Entire Lineup
2Straits PenManila Copper
1Straits PenOP1-AB Blue
1Straits PenOP1- CP Pink
1Straits PenOP1-EB Brown
1Straits PenOP1-FR Red
1Straits PenOP1-LG Green
8Straits PenOP1-PS
1Straits PenOP1-QB Turquoise
1Straits PenOP1-SB Black
1Straits PenOP1-SP Purple
1Straits PenOP1-SY Yellow
29Straits PenPoor Man's Sapphire
4Straits PenRose by the Box
14Straits PenSad Stormy Swedish Sea
1Straits PenShitt
19Straits PenShitty Sepia
17Straits PenUltra-meh-rine
2Straits PenHonest InksBougainvillea
5Straits PenHonest InksSlowpoke Green