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3Ancient Song (古風韻)A Song for an Autumn Night
1Ancient Song (古風韻)Beginning of Spring
4Ancient Song (古風韻)Fisherman's Song (漁歌子)
2Ancient Song (古風韻)Fountainhead of Peach Blossoms
2Ancient Song (古風韻)Jade Grievance
1Ancient Song (古風韻)Jilin Immortal (臨江仙)
6Ancient Song (古風韻)Joy of Peace (清平樂)
2Ancient Song (古風韻)Lin River Immortal
4Ancient Song (古風韻)Magpie Steps on Branches (鵲踏枝)
5Ancient Song (古風韻)Melody of Sandy Creek (浣溪沙)
3Ancient Song (古風韻)Moaning on the Marble Steps (玉階怨)
2Ancient Song (古風韻)Moon of the West River
4Ancient Song (古風韻)Moon Over a Mountain Pass (關山月)
1Ancient Song (古風韻)Moon over the western river (西江月)
5Ancient Song (古風韻)Mooring by Qinghuai (泊秦淮)
1Ancient Song (古風韻)Ode to the Fountainhead of Peach Blossoms
4Ancient Song (古風韻)Offering Incense (行香子)
3Ancient Song (古風韻)On the Love of Lotus (愛蓮說)
2Ancient Song (古風韻)Peach Blossom Way (桃源行)
5Ancient Song (古風韻)Phoenix Seeking Mate (鳳求凰)
1Ancient Song (古風韻)Qingping le
3Ancient Song (古風韻)Song from South Village
1Ancient Song (古風韻)Song of Jiang Nan
3Ancient Song (古風韻)Song of Sunlight (陽光曲)
2Ancient Song (古風韻)Song of the Southern Village
6Ancient Song (古風韻)Song of the Wanderer (遊子吟)
4Ancient Song (古風韻)Song of the Yangtze (江南曲)
3Ancient Song (古風韻)Song of the Yan (燕歌行)
2Ancient Song (古風韻)Southern Village
1Ancient Song (古風韻)Staring at the Sea (觀滄海)
3Ancient Song (古風韻)The sea
1Ancient Song (古風韻)The White-haired Poem
3Ancient Song (古風韻)Thoughts on a Silent Night (靜思夜)
7Ancient Song (古風韻)Water Dragon Chant (水龍吟)
3Ancient Song (古風韻)White Haired Poem (白頭吟)
8Ancient Song (古風韻)Winter October (冬十月)
1Ancient Song (古風韻)ConstellationsLeo
1Ancient Song (古風韻)ConstellationsVirgo